Blinded by Love is a suspense drama film about the intensity of love and the consequences of being in love. For Nikki Henderson, there was no greater love than her feelings for senior Jacob Meyers. He was everything she wanted in a guy; but as the saying goes looks can be deceiving.

Nikki is a college junior who falls for Jacob, the most popular guy on campus. However when he starts dating her best friend Tiffany Rogers, Nikki has to let go of her feelings and move on with her life.

As for Tiffany and Jacob, the first few months of their relationship start out on a good note.. Jacob showered Tiffany with gifts, flowers and candy; which made her the happiest girl in the world. Too bad happiness doesn't last always. 

Pretty soon Tiffany starts to see a different side of Jacob,  one that she does not like very much. Once she discovers that she's pregnant and decides to tell him the truth; the status of their relationship changes forever.

Determined to find out what happened Nikki begins to question Jacob about Tiffany. That’s when she discovers that Jacob has a past and a deep dark secret that he refuses to let anyone find out about.